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Colloid and Interface Symposium 2019 (University of Hong Kong)

Our latest #ACSEditorsChoice selection: Microdrop-Assisted Microdomain Hydrophilicization of Superhydrophobic Surfaces for High-Efficiency Nucleation and Self-Removal of Condensate Microdrops @ACSPublications #OA #OpenAccess
Colloidal Science & Metamaterials 2019
2/25-27 Paris

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has decided to award the #NobelPrize in Chemistry 2018 with one half to Frances H. Arnold and the other half jointly to George P. Smith and Sir Gregory P. Winter.

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Colloidal Superstructures

& Porous Materials

We are mainly interested in the shape-controlled synthesis and surface modification of colloidal particles for assembling them into colloidal superstructures which can be extremely useful for photonic crystals, photonic glasses, metamaterials, colloidal transistor, sensors, lithium-ion battery electrodes. Such colloidal structures can be used as templates for porous materials. We have been working on hierarchically structured porous particles or films by introducing surfactants as additional templates, which have been implemented as separators or electrodes in lithium-ion battery, light scatterer for solar cells, substrates for colorimetric sensor or bioadhesives for bioloigical tissues. Recently, we have started developing polymeric nanoporous materials for developing solid electrolytes for lithium ion battery.

Colloidal Superstuctures

Colloidal particles have been used as model system for atomic structures as well as building blocks for photonic crystals. Our main research interests are in the synthesis of new colloidal particles and their structures by self-assembly which would be great model system for understanding even more complex biological structures. Furthermore, using those new particles, we are also developing e-paper display, composite film for flexible display, strong light-scattering particles for display or cosmetic applications.

Research Projects:

  • DNA-coated colloidal particles
  • Photonic colloidal glasses ​
  • ​Self-assembled meta-materials

Porous Materials

Using colloidal particles or micelles as templates, macro- or mesoporous materials could be prepared which is now investigated as efficient host materials for drug delivery or colorimetric sensor dye. Porous particles have recently implemented for new bioadhesives on hydrogels or biological tissues. Recently, ionic liquid (block co-) polmyers are synthesized and assembled into bicotinuous porous polymer films for solid electrolytes of lithium ion battery.

Research Project:
  • Porous particles for biomedical imaging and diagnosis
  • Porous substrates for colorimetric sensors
  • Soild electrolytes for lithium ion batteries



Gi-Ra Yi



ORCID: 0000-0003-1353-8988

Google Scholar Citation

Research Staffs


Dr. Virendra Patil

파틸, Postdoc,

Dr. Tae Hui Kang

강태희, Postdoc,
IMG_4573 2

Dr. Ke Wang

왕커, Postdoc,

Inhyung Lee

이인형,, 82-31-299-6850


School of Chemical Engineering


Seung-Hyun Kim

김승현, PhD, 2013,, at KRICT

Myung-Goo Lee

이명구, MS-PhD, 2013,

In-Seong Jo

조인성, MS-PhD, 2014,

Jae-Hyun Kim

김재현, MS-PhD, 2014,

Seong Hoon Park

박성훈, MS-PhD, 2014,

Jun-Min Kim

김준민, MS, 2015-2018, PhD, 2018,, at KBSI

Daniel Cho

조영률, MS-PhD, 2014,

Jeongbin Moon

문정빈, MS-PhD, 2016,

Jeong Hoon Yoon

윤정훈, MS-PhD, 2017,

Uddhav Kulkarni

우다브, PhD, 2019,

Dong-In Shin

신동인, MS, 2018,

Sohyun Kim

김소현, MS, 2018,

Seung Heon Lee

이승헌, MS, 2018,

Nguyen Xuan Viet Lan

란, MS, 2018,

Young-Min Kim

김영민, MS, 2019,

Yujin Kim

김유진, MS, 2019,
IMG_4583 2

Phan Ngoc Man

만, MS, 2019,

Youngha Kim

김영하, MS, 2019,

Department of BioCosmetics


Gun-Bong Lee


Nayul Kim


Ye-Eun Lee


Former Members

    • You-Jin Lee (이유진,, MS, 2011-2013)
    • Tae-Yoel Kim (김태열,, MS, 2011-2013)
    • Eun-Bee Kang (강은비,, MS, 2012-2014)
    • Hye-Jeong Hwang (황혜정,, MS, 2012-2014)
    • Hae-Nyeong Lee (이혜녕,, MS, 2013-2014)
    • Thanh Tran-Phu (, MS, 2013-2015) now at Australian National University
    • Dr. Minsoo P. Kim (김민수,, Postdoc, 2014-2015)  
    • Jong-Won Yoo (유종원,, MS, 2013-2015) now at LMS
    • Dong-Kwan Kim (김동관, 2014,, MS, 2014-2016)  now at NBPOSTECH
    • Hye-Young Lee (이혜영,, MS, 2015-2017)
    • Changyang Sun (손창양,
    • Sae-Rom Lee (이새롬, MS, 2015, now at Samsung Electronics
    • Yi Chen Lin (림혁신, MS, 2015,
    • Eun-Hye Lee (이은혜, MS, 2015,  now at Samsung Electronics
    • Yun-Jung Yoo (유윤정, MS, 2015,  now at LG Display
    • Joo-Hyung Kim (김주형, now at Sinsin Pharm
    • Hodae Kim (김호대, MS, 2016-2018, now at Samsung Electronics
    • Yi-Rang Lim (임이랑, MS, 2016, now at LG Display
    • Jae Seon Baik (백재선, MS, 2017, now at COSMAX
    • Ji Sun Kim (김지선, MS, 2015, now at P&G Japan
    • Tae-Young Park (박태영, MS, 2016,
    • Jae Kyung Byun (변재경,
    • Dae-Woong Jung (정대웅, PhD, 2013-2019,

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The Soft Matter Research Lab is located in Sungkyunkwan University, Suwon, Korea.

+82-31-290-7289, +82-31-299-4801

School of Chemical Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University, 2066 Seobu-ro, Jangan-gu, Suwon, Gyeonggi 440-746 Korea